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As a respected Online EBook Publisher based in London (UK), our primary goal is to lead authors up the beautiful path of sharing wellness knowledge and techniques. Whether you want to move your readers to reach spiritual growth or gain physical wellbeing, we can help you put your words out. Feel free to contact us with your book submission.We can assist you with book and Ebook design, copy editing, printing and Ebooks publishing.


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People often ask us how yoga or energy practices can benefit their lives. As an active Online Ebook and book publisher, we see lightworkers as individuals that can affect everyone differently. Read about the importance of wellness practices through these testimonials.

Shenpublishing has been fantastic in assisting me with the design and copy editing of my Ebooks, as well as publishing it on a variety of digital platforms.

Nathalie D.

Before collaborating with Shenpublishing I was lost in completing my Ebook. Their team helped me to put together a marketing strategy to help me selling my new Ebook.

Alexandra H.

To finish my book, I needed assistance with chapter organisation, layout design, and promotion. I can't say enough about how professional they were in dealing with all of the challenges I had while self-publishing my book.

Helen B.

The Golden Chamber of Qi Book.png

The Golden Chamber of Qi

Yin Yoga Qi Flow, Chinese Healing Exercises and Spiritual Taoist Wellness

 £35 Launch price

Explore the fascinating power of energy (Qi) and how to use it to design Yin Yoga Qi Flow sequences, incorporating still poses, healing exercises, visualisations and breathwork to rebalance your mind and body. With 380+ colour illustrations, this comprehensive, 430-page guide offers step-by-step protocols blending science, Chinese medicine, Taoist philosophy and the Five Elements Methodology for emotional wellness. Journey into the world of Qi and inspire your Yin Yoga practice.


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